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STONGBOND’s most popular movers in the construction field are our fully waterproof, flexible and easy to clean exotic wood to cement flooring glue, which is gaining popularity because of its “Green” formulation, and its ease of application and cleaning of tools and excess glue.

Another product associated with wood flooring is our primer that is used to bond dust particles to the cement and to provide a waterproof barrier between the cement and the wood prior to laying the flooring. We also make a waterborne varnish that is impervious to water once cured and is scuff and U/V resistant.

Another of our prime movers is our ‘cornice glue’ which because of its high initial tack can be used to suspend high density polystyrene, MDF and urethane decorative cornices without fear of them falling to the floor before the glue has had time bond firmly to the wall and ceiling. It can also be used to hold skirting in place. In this regard we manufacture both flexible rigid products. They are easy to use and easy for the installer to clean any excess away after application. This product can be used to glue items to ceramic and glass surfaces as well.

STRONGBOND also manufactures a range of waterproofing compounds most of which can be used with or without membrane. Using them without membrane obviously reduces costs in product, time and labor. As a result, it doubtless improves profitability.

When the need arises to glue stainless or other metals to wood or cement we have the products.

A list of some of our products follows:
    • Flooring glue and primers
    • Waterborne top coat varnishes
    • Cornice and skirting glue
    • Roofing sealer for cement and steel tiles and IBR profiles
    • Tiling glue
    • Cleaners & sealants