50 ml  /  125 ml  /  250 ml  /  1 L

200 ml
Cyanoacrylate adhesives are more commonly known as “Super Glues” and they are available in various forms, grade and qualities: i.e.

Low viscosity: 5 to 20 centipoises free flowing liquids suitable for general work such as household repairs to ceramics etc. where an instant bond between substrates is desirable. This product can also be used to repair damaged wood and can be used as filler in combination with wood dust from the sanding machine.

Medium viscosity: 100 to 1500 centipoises which are suitable for heavier work where a free flowing liquid would simply run off the surface of the substrates before they could be properly positioned to provide a good bond when they are joined.

STRONGBOND supplies these products to a variety of industries including automotive and canopy manufacturers, the furniture manufacturing industry, picture framing enterprises and a miscellany of other users.

Super glue activators: Activators are commonly used when it is desirable to hurry the setting time of super glues. These products are usually packed in aerosol cans. However, Strongbond also manufactures a powdered product that can be used in conjunction with fine wood dust to repair damaged wood or to fill knot holes in expensive woods.

If you are unsure what value if any, these products may add to your particular product lines, please call us and we will be pleased to advise you and where practicable provide you with test samples.

Strongbond supplies only the finest grades of cyanoacrylate adhesives available.

For further information regarding availability and cost, call and request a quote. Or better still ask for our representative to call on you at your convenience.