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Today, wood glues are mostly manufactured using polyvinyl alcohol emulsions. And the introduction of these synthetics some 50 or 60 years ago were a giant leap forward from the days when wood glue was made from discarded animal bones. Generally they smell a lot nicer too, and without doubt do a far better job of holding our furniture and other wooden products together.

However, when selecting glue care should be taken to choose one appropriate to the quality of your end product. For instance, if you are making outdoor furniture then the glue you need must be waterproof. And STRONGBOND’s range of wood glues is both exclusive in quality and inclusive of all the types of glue required to meet the many diversifications of the wood manufacturing industries.

Our range of adhesives includes:
    • Low, medium and high viscosity products
    • Waterproof glues
    • Glues for laminating wood to wood
    • Glues for laminating decorative PVC foils to MDF and chipboard
    • Gap filling glues
    • Glues that dry crystal clear
    • Glues that are flexible or rigid to suit all needs
    • Glues for high quality furniture i.e. furniture made from railroad cross ties (sleepers), exotic hard woods.
We have other specialty glues: For more information call us, well be only too happy to tell you about them and to give you appropriate advice.